June 18, 2021

Travis County Warrant

A Travis County Warrant is an order from a court in Travis County requesting any law enforcement officer to arrest you and bring you to the courthouse.  This means taking you to the Travis County Jail.

Warrants are used for different reasons, the most obvious of which is to arrest someone who has been charged with a crime.  Even if you’ve never been arrested for anything, it is still possible to have a Travis County warrant for unpaid traffic tickets or for an old bounced check in college that you never even knew about, or for not showing up at your court dates.  Travis County warrants never go away, and can lead to very unpleasant experiences if they aren’t taken care of.

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How Do I Find Out if I Have a Travis County Warrant?

Easy!  Go to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Search website and follow the instructions to search for a warrant.  You will need to enter a name and birthdate.  Any active arrest warrants will be shown, with additional information about the charge or reason for the warrant, the bond amount if any, and the type of bond accepted on the case.  You should also take the time to search the Austin Municipal Court warrants webpage to see about unpaid traffic ticket warrants or class c misdemeanor warrants.

I Have an Active Travis County Warrant.  Now What?

Now you face a very real chance of being arrested, and there’s truly never a good time for it.  It could happen at your front door, or driving in the car with your kids, or possibly even at your job.  The best policy is to take control of the situation by hiring a professional who can help clear your warrant on your terms.

The attorneys at Tillman Braniff routinely handle cases where the first order of business is to clear active warrants for new or old cases.  Because many warrants are issued without the person knowing about it (recall how many addresses you had in college), we very often handle situations where the accused has moved out of town, or out of state.  It is sometimes possible to clear those warrants without the client ever coming back to Austin at all.

Travis County Jail Walk-Through

Alternatively, if a return to Austin is necessary, we arrange for a voluntary turn in, commonly referred to as a “walk-through.”  We arrange for your personal bond and have it signed by the judge in advance, and you choose the day and time you turn yourself in.  We arrive with the bond in hand, which ensures you will walk out again after deputies have completed the required booking process. Once the warrant has been cleared, we place the case back on the court docket and work for a dismissal. 

If you need help taking care of a Travis County warrant, call us at 512 236 0505.  We’re happy to help, and can answer whatever questions you may have.

To get started call us at (512) 236-0505 or send us a message through our contact form.